3 Secrets that will Revolutionize Your
Healthy Life

Reasons Why YOU Need 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein:

  • ■ Great Nutrition Recovery
  • ■ Lower Stress
  • ■ Great Sleep
  • ■ Vitamins (strong bones)
  • ■ Heart Health

  • ■ Fast & Healthy Smoothie
  • ■ Fast Muscle Recovery
  • ■ Boost Immune System
  • ■ Boost of Energy
  • ■ Assist Weight Loss

It’s proven, the more muscle you have the easier it is to burn fat.
Muscle IS THE ENGINE that burns fat. Losing weight helps decrease chances of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

In Just 1-minute A Day, You Can Improve Your Life, Restore Health And Feel Magnificent!

This 100% all-natural, Grass-Fed, non-GMO Whey protein provides an easy solution to nourish YOUR body and muscles. It also boosts immunity. This special formula is backed by our scientists and approved by Dr. Calvin Beaugez. It contains OMEGA 3s for heart health. You will feel less hunger and it’s proven to assist you in gaining muscle or to help weight loss. (This depends on your goals.)

Remember, no two proteins are created equal, which is why we developed 100% Grass-Fed Whey protein.

Mission Statement

(Tone Max Pro — a Sports Nutrition Supplement company.)

At Tone Max Pro we deeply desire to empower you with pure, organic, natural sports nutrition supplements to assist you in living a healthy lifestyle.

It is our purpose to educate our community and the world about the importance of natural supplements, nutrition, and exercise.

We want you to be motivated, positive and open-minded when using our supplements. Also, we want you to be inspired and share it with families and friends as YOU strive to live a fit and healthy life.

We formulated these supplements to help you embark on your health journey. Even better, Tone Max Pro company has made it healthier (for your strength and health) and not to mention more delicious!

*(Note, our other supplements are Pre-Workout, BCAA, Organic Plant Protein and Super-Citrimax.)

Join with us! Be the next transformation!

Finally, a Grass-Fed Whey Protein that Actually Tastes DELICIOUS, Has All The Benefits, and None of the Side Effects.

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