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You say you have pain?    You can not find relief. You just endure through having pain in your back or neck. Call our doctors TODAY and we promise YOU will gain an understanding of your Medical, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic need and begin to live without PAIN.

Today more than ever we are concerned with our health, overall well-being and longevity. And because of that, more and more time and research is going into understanding the role our nervous system plays in our overall health, and how a healthy nervous system can assist in promoting health, eliminating pain, and adding years to our lives.

Consider this analogy. The nervous system is a highway of communication within us that controls virtually every aspect of our body and lives — from feeling pain, commanding every movement imaginable, to controlling how our organs function, how our systems work and how our bodies fight disease.

Like a highway congested with traffic, the daily grind of our lives causes, poor posture, bad habits and accidents cause our spines to become misaligned, and nervous system to get backed up.

Such subluxations degrade our overall health and wellness, causing us to feel pain and discomfort, but more importantly, silently leading to organ disfunction, compromised immune systems, fatigue, stress and more.


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